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How to easily use a javascript function with YUI 3

ALL YUI 3 code on a page is placed in its own sandbox. This allows several parts of a page to be completely independent, with benefits in maintainability and stability: one sandbox cannot have any effect on another sandbox on the page, and a sandbox only uses the modules it needs. These sandboxes are create with YUI.use :

If you have a function based on YUI that you are going to reuse often, as I had with transitioning MyOwnDB to YUI 3, the best solution is to define it in a module that you'll use in each sandbox that needs it. Defining a module is done with YUI.add which also lets you specify which other modules it depends on. The body of the module is simply adding a namespage to YUI, which will hold all my code, defining the function and putting it under the namespace just created, like this:

Now I can simply use my new module and its associated function in any sandbox I define:

Thanks to Satake and Daniel Cook on the YUI Forum for their advice .

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